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Words Are Stones

Recently, the continuous growth of Internet as a mean of communication, along with the anonymity that it provides, has enabled the proliferation of hate-based activities in cyberspace, such as harassment and expressions of hate, which are now located beyond the realms of traditional Law Enforcement methods and Law prosecution. Therefore, it is needed for other cyber-entities, such as individual users or some web providers, to fight against this type of offence and this is what our project wants to do.

Web pages and forums are sometimes moderated, and where moderators are in place…      >>learn more>>

Youth Campaign

Videos, photos, interviews, graphic novels… Realized by young people for their peers

illustrating the impact on victims of online hate speech to invite people to say “No” to it


Dissemination Plan

Plan listing the different activities for each target group

Training Course Materials

Manual to replicate the training course

Dissemination Materials

All the materials you need to disseminate the project

Youth Media Campaign

All the materials you need to act as an activist

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